Welcome to Guitar Grades. We believe that meaningful, tailor made learning can take place anywhere. Majority of lessons is spent playing pop and contemporary repertoire, which is all relevant and can be applied in a Grade setting. Our pupils are then equipped to choose classical exam boards like ABRSM, or more contemporary boards like RSL. The lessons take place through Zoom with homework set in an online interactive journal. The platforms we use are suitable for young children and all correspondence is monitored by the parents at all times. Guitar Grades is tailor made tuition delivered in the format completely tailored to your goals.

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Hi, my name is Milica Davies. Research shows that the biggest influencer of pupil success is their teacher. I had the most wonderful guitar teacher that anyone could possibly imagine, the incredible Dr John Casey. Thanks to his expert guidance I got to play with some of the world's top musicians and it also allowed me to embark upon a teaching career that I absolutely love and enjoy every day. The emphasis of Guitar Grades is learning at a pace and in the format that suits the pupils. Live lessons are always followed up by an online journal entry in which pupils are set homework for the week, based on the pieces covered. Instead of relying on ancient and obscure/ monotonous repertoire elements of music are taught through pretty much the latest and the best that music has to offer, across genres and musical periods. This unique mix allows pupils to progress faster than if learning from traditional method books. 



10 x 30 min Guitar Lessons     £375

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It was a great pleasure to work with Milica on three occasions in Singapore, Angkor Wat (Cambodia) and Australia. I wish her all the best for her future and career.


Jose Carreras


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